Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dear Sir Obama

Dear Sir Obama,

Hello, nice to meet you Sir Obama. I'm an ordinary worker living in Japan, 29.

I celebrate your successful repair operation of Hubble Space Telescope. This time repair is fifth operation in her biography. I think this is very rare case that one satellite is fixed some times, maybe unique case.

Great images taken by HST tell us space and meaning of our beings. I am truly looking forward seeing new images HST will take with a new camera. We must know, we will know, what space is and who we are, and Yes, HST and we can. HST is a sacred symbol of this time.

But I heard this time operation is final one. It means that HST will disappear in atmosphere when reentering in future. This is too awful end for her great contribution to us because we have to tell our offspring about her life.

I know this is difficult desire even in today's frontier technology of NASA but I cannot stop dreaming of her beautiful figure standing in Smithsonian.

Please rethink of possibility of her coming home alive. I love her. NASA is an administration of U.S. but HST is dream of all mankind.

Yours Sincerely,


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